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Downcoat “Unicorn” long camel


A long down jacket with a hood on the tightening whipstitch.

The silhouette of this down-padded jacket is constricted to the bottom. Such style underlines advantages of the figure and visually stretches it. The product will be suitable for tall girls.

The down jacket is done from the thick rainwear fabric of the saturated color — lemon curry. This color is now in trend and also will suit a girl with every type of appearance.
The choice of the wadding for this product has become an unusual decision. Saturated lilac color became a real twist and will attract attention of the passersby. Also the down jacket MARCHI is supplemented with a secret zip-pocket.

Product has a long double-sided zip-lock, that allows to unlock the zipper from the top and from the bottom of the jacket. Such element will make it possible to use the coat comfortably in severe frosts and for convenient everyday wearing. The down jacket will not only perfectly suit to any images, but also will complement them. This coat can be combined with a sports style: massive winter high boots, trousers from thick knitted fabric. But also with classical: elegant boots and an office suit.

It is zipped up with a zip-lock and from above additionally with buttons in the color of the product, that allows to avoid the wind.

This model MARCHI is equipped with functional pockets. The down jacket is densely filled with fluff, that helps to wear it in the most severe cold. The model is expected to be worm in freezes –30C and that’s why can replace the warmest fur-coats. Surface contaminations are easily removed with a clean sponge with soap. For thorough cleaning we recommend to bring the coat to the dry-cleaning bureau, not to make fluff lose its features, it’s enough to do it once in two seasons.




XS, S, M, L, XL


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