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Downcoat “Print”


A shortened down jacket with the author’s unique print MARCHI. Flower female down jacket long to the hips.

The product is on a white zipper and is complemented by tight crocheted cuffs in color. Down jacket with full pockets, as well as an additional secret on the lining.

An unusual detail of all short MARCHI bombers is an additional hidden rubber band on the lining of the product. Such an element prevents the wind from falling under the bottom.
Flower print was designed specially by designer Tasha Kuhar. The main colors of the jacket are contrasting pink, white, green.

Dutik will warm you up in the cold winter not only thanks to natural filler, but also visually. After all, in the gray winter so lacks bright colors in the form of large artistic colors.
Such a down jacket is complemented with knitted long dresses, which are now so popular. And also a strong image will be obtained in combination with jeans and coarse boots.

The quality fluff is agile and quickly restores its original volume after compression. Elasticity of down: 750.

Surface dirt is easily removed with a clean sponge and soap. For thorough cleaning, we recommend to take dry cleaning, that would be fluff in the jacket did not lose its qualities. Once in two seasons.

Weight of down in the product 400 gr.

All the MARCHI puffs produced since 01.09.2017 are supplemented with the firm patch of black and white MRCH.

Down jacket is designed and manufactured in Ukraine, Kiev.


XS, S, M, L, XL


Unique print

Weight of Goose Down

220 gm.


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